Saturday, 14 January 2017

Time of the Year | Happy Birthday Pornsak

Besides our Fanclub Anniversary, the other favourite date of ours is definitely 14th of January every year! Why? It's Pornsak's BIRTHDAYYY!!

Being able to celebrate Pornsak's birthday with him is the best thing that can happen to us. However, due to his busy schedule, we will be having a slightly later celebration.

Nevertheless, I would still like to take this chance to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday. May 2017 be a wonderful year for you, stay healthy and happy always. And nothing but the best for your business and career!

You are the best and our very best! PFC will love and support you always! :)

As per every year, below are some of the wishes from our members and also the public! Lots of love, just for you!

Lots of love
President of Pornsak Fan Club

Wishes from Members


生日快乐! 祝福你身体健康,每一天都充满活力,幸福,快乐和满满的正能量!  Have a fabulous birthday! 
Melissa (Admin)

Happy blessed birthday Pornsak!! Thanks for always giving positive energy and bring a smile on everyone's face. May every step of yours be greater and higher!! Have a wonderful birthday and a smashing year ahead!- Janice

Hi Pornsak,
Its your birthday!! May this day bring you countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. Stay cheerful, stay healthy and wishing you the very best in all of your endeavours! Thankyou, for always being an inspiration. Happy Birthday! ❤ 
Many love,

Dear Pornsak,

Happy birthday to you!
May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year.
Greetings from : Connie

Hello Pornsak!

Happy Birthday Pornsak! One year older again!! Do rest more and stay happy always! Hopefully this year I can go more of your events! See you soon :) - Hui Ping

恭喜你的Porn's Restaurant事业进入下个阶段,还是会继续支持的!
和去年一样的祝福: 祝福你和你爸爸的身体都健健康康,事事都要顺顺利利,最重要的还是要天天都快快乐乐的,生日快乐啦!! - Pei Ee

Dear Pornsak,
Happy birthday and may all ur wishes come true.  Wish u happy,  healthy and wealthy forever.

🎈 Happy Birthday!
     🔥      🔥      🔥
     📍      📍      📍
     📍      📍      📍

I didn't speak to u before,  but I have met you in public at Woodlands CC event. You are so friendly, cheerful and motivated. You never say no to the people that approached you for photo shooting. That was the 1st time i took photo with idol,  that is you,  Pornsak :)
Thanks for letting me have this unforgettable memory, you may not remember me but i will remember you for sure. 😝
Hope everything is working smoothly for u.  Wish u have a blessed year ahead. 🍀👼🌈 - Fanny

Dearest Pornsak~ 你一直是我们的榜样! 新一年,继续帅帅的, 继续在工作生活上努力努力。支持你always! Happy Birthday to you^_^ ~ from Ah Von

Happiest Birthday Pornsak! Stay happy and healthy! 再忙也要停下来休息okay...你不是超人!- 


加油!!!! - ChinYee。

Hi Pornsak! Happy blessed birthday to you! Thank you for always being our inspiration and a role model to look up to. Wishing you )and your loved ones a blessed 2017! Stay well and happy! (: Always supporting you! ♥ - Edna

'There are two things that i find it's important. So my wishes is you stay healthy and happy.
Happy Birthday Pornsak! Your happiness is my happiness, seeing you smile make my day a happy one ^^ - Michelle

Dearest Pornsak,  
Happy Birthday Pornsak!!  🎂🎉🍷🎉
Wish you have a blessed birthday with good health n wealth... 
Happiness always be with you ❤❤
With lot of loves,
Whitney Lee

Happy Birthday.
Bless with Good Health, happiness always
May you be happy, joyful and liberated.
Thanks and Best Regards - Emily

Wishes from the Public

Have a fantastic day 🎊🎉🎁 filled with everything with love ❤ most!!! 🎊🎁Happy Birthday to you! 🎁🎊🎉 Stay healthy and happy forever🎊🎉!!! 
P/s: remember to have a balance lifestyle!!! Stay healthy and happy forever. - Esther Chang

Hi Pornsak,
Happy birthday to you! :) My 3 years old son, Jace is one of your biggest fan :) He recognises you on newspapers, magazines and TV. 
Have a blast! 
Jace's mummy

Hi Pornsak,

Happy Birthday , stay healthy and young always😜😘😍😀👍🏻
Best Regards,
Simon Yeo

Dear Pornsak,
Happy Birthday to you and A Good Year for you in 2017.
On this special occassion may i sincerely wish you "Good Health , Happiness & Success in whatever you are doing".
Have a nice day,

Irene Tan
槟城 马来西亚

Dear Pornsak
생일 축하해.  saeng-il chughahae
祝你生日快乐. Zhù nǐ shēngrì kuàilè
May your day be a memorable one with your loved ones!!
Warm regards

Wish you good health, good luck and have a great year 2017!
Jasmine Loh

Pornsak happy birthday to you i wish you happy at all time - Qin An

Hi Pornsak, I am Hooi Sim .

Happy Birthday to Pornsak!
I wish  you always  health, luck and happiness each minute!
and I like see your 😁😁😁smile !
I also  like😁😁😁 smile !
Happy Birthday! Many well wishes to you!🎉  - Desmond

Pornsak 謝謝你一直帶著歡樂,有意義的節目讓我們觀看,
生日快樂♥情人節快樂 - QiQi

Happy Birthday To You, Pornsak.
祝你身体健康,生意兴隆,财源滚滚来。每一年都赢大奖。- Seah Liyan

happy Birthday Handsome boy to Pornsak - 吴莲珠

Happy birthday to you Pornsak. May all your wishes and dreams come true. 
God bless.

Happy Birthday to you, Pornsak.. And many happy returns! - Jayne Leong

我们一起 GO! GO! 加油!^^ - GCH

🎉🎂Happy Birthday Pornsak🎂🎉
Best Rgds
Christina Oh
和心爱的爸爸永享天伦之乐。🙏❤️ - Peck Lee

Dearest Pornsak,
Happy Happy birthday.! Wishing you all the best in all you do. 
祝天天開心 身體健康 !

Happy Birthday To You.


晦 Pornsak, 


圣经有句话说 "当孝敬父母,使你的日子在耶和华—你 神所赐你的地上得以长久。" 
你父亲是长寿的爸爸 , 那是因为他一定也是孝敬父母长辈的人 , 你这么孝敬他, 你将来也必享长寿 , 在这特别的日子里 , 祝你及老爸爸更长寿更健康 ! - Adam Lim

祝福你2017平安喜樂 - 朱多外